Tom Ibarra Group / Press Kit 2019

9 SPARKLING is the second album of Tom Ibarra of which he composed the 9 titles. He surrounds himself with excellent Jeff Mercadié tenor sax, Auxane Cartigny keyboards / piano, Antoine Vidal on bass and Pierre Lucbert on drums. Tom abandons the sounds of traditional jazz to give way to a jazz fusion of resolutely modern sounds of pop, rock, and funk. SPARKLING received rare reviews from music professionals: he was elected «Jazz Revelation» by Jazz Magazine in March 2018 and received SACEM support for self-production unanimously by the jury. This album has also been successful amongst the public and supporters, who are growing more and more numerous. 15 is Tom Ibarra’s debut album, recorded and released when he was just 15 years old. The young guitarist composed and arranged the entirety of the 8 tracks. He was accompanied by Jean-Marie Morin on bass, who was then part of his quartet, and Antoine Fadavi on drums. Tom played all the guitar and keyboards parts present in 15. This album is full of catchy themes and melodies which were received with great enthusiasm from the public! Discography tom ibarra group © Photo Thierry Dubuc