Carrefour - 2017 Registration Document

CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY CSR at Carrefour 2017 REGISTRATION DOCUMENT | CARREFOUR 2. 36 Working towards Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Carrefour supports the 17 Sustainable Development Goals established by the United Nations. These common goals help with the implementation of sustainable development programmes entered into jointly with other partners. The Group is particularly focused on reaching six SDGs and nine targets selected for their relevance in relation to its operations and the CSR Index (see the figure below and see Section 2.1.3). They are covered in this chapter. CARREFOUR’S CSR INDEX IN RELATION TO SDGS Combatting waste Protecting biodiversity Supporting our partners Social dynamics and diversity Very strong contribution to the objective Strong contribution to the objective Contribution to the objective Stakeholder dialogue To ensure that its CSR strategy stays relevant, that new commitments are in line with the strategy, and that action plans are drawn up jointly, Carrefour has for many years promoted dialogue with its stakeholders. Several times a year, Carrefour arranges meetings to assess the ● current situation and make functional recommendations on a specific CSR theme. These meetings are attended by approximately 40 people representing the Group, NGOs, government, customers, investors and suppliers, who come together to share their expertise or point of view on the subject in question. In 2017, meetings were held on themes such as the forests, animal welfare, agroecology, urban agriculture, sustainable fishing and cotton. Carrefour leads several long-term action plans in conjunction ● with various associations, such as the WWF ® since 1998 (detailed in Section 2.5.3) and the FIDH since 2008 (detailed in Section 2.5.3). The Group promotes union rights and the right to collective ● bargaining in the countries in which it operates. Carrefour was the first retailer to sign an agreement with the Union Network International which serves as the basis for employee relations within the Group (detailed in Section 2.5.3). Carrefour systematically replies to questionnaires by NGOs, ● investors and ratings agencies (results of the CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project), RobecoSAM DJSI index, and the Vigeo Eiris questionnaire are detailed in Section The Group organises specific events to pass on information to ● investors. In 2017, CSR themes covered included the growing importance of agroecology, and consumer involvement in product design. Carrefour also takes part in socially responsible investment (SRI) conferences to keep the financial markets informed about the Group’s CSR policy.