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3 01/ 5 CRÉDIT AGRICOLE GROUP 02/ 9 INDOSUEZ WEALTH MANAGEMENT 10 Our Identity: Our Network and Key Figures 12 General Management 13 Awards 15 Message from the General Management of the Indosuez Wealth Management Group 16 Decrypt and clarify: 2022 review and 2023 financial market outlook 18 Continuation and progress: 2022 highlights 20 Ambitions 2025: the essentials of the new medium-term plan 03/ 23 ACTIVITY REPORT CA INDOSUEZ (SWITZERLAND) SA 24 CA Indosuez (Switzerland) SA 27 Message from the General Management of CA Indosuez (Switzerland) SA 28 Wealth Management 30 Corporate and Investment Banking 32 Corporate Governance 50 Key figures 53 Our active locations 04/ 54 ANNUAL FINANCIAL STATEMENTS CA INDOSUEZ (SWITZERLAND) SA 57 Balance sheet at 31 December 2022 58 Income statement for financial year 2022 59 Statement of changes in equity 60 Appendices 70 Information on the balance sheet 83 Information on off-balance sheet items 84 Information on the income statement 87 Proposal to the Annual Shareholders' Meeting 88 Statutory Auditor’s Report / Contents /

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CA Indosuez (Switzerland) SA Annual Report 2022 6 Crédit Agricole Group includes Crédit Agricole S.A., as well as all of the Regional Banks and local Banks and their subsidiaries. 43.2 % 56.8 %(3) LARGE CUSTOMERS SPECIALISED FINANCIAL SERVICES RETAIL BANKING (4) SPECIALISED ACTIVITIES AND SUBSIDIAIRIES ASSET GATHERING AND INSURANCE Holding Holding 11,5 M MUTUAL SHAREHOLDERS who hold mutual shares in: 2,401 LOCAL BANKS 39 REGIONAL BANKS jointly holding the majority of Crédit Agricole S.A.’s share capital through SAS Rue La Boétie(2) Fédération Nationale du Crédit Agricole (FNCA) Sacam Mutualisation REGIONAL BANKS FLOAT (1) Non-significant: 0.6% treasury shares, including buy-backs in 2022 that will be cancelled in 2023. Once 16,658,366 shares are cancelled, the treasury shares will be non-significant and SAS Rue de la Boétie’s holding will account for about 57%. (2) The Regional Bank of Corsica, 99.9% owned by Crédit Agricole S.A., is a shareholder of SACAM Mutualisation. (3) Excluding information made to the market by SAS Rue La Boétie, in November 2022, regarding its intention to purchase by the end of the first half year of 2023 Crédit Agricole S.A. shares on the market for a maximum amount of one billion euros. (4) Disposal of Crédit du Maroc in December 2022. 29.6 % Institutional Investors 7 % Individual Shareholders 6 % Employee Share Ownership Plans (ESOP) NS(1) Treasury Shares / Crédit Agricole Group / POLITICAL LINK 25 % 100 %

7 Our unique Customer-Focused Universal Banking model is based on the close association between its retail banking and its specialised business lines. Together, we offer all our customers, via all channels, a complete range of banking products and services suited to their needs. CRÉDIT AGRICOLE CONSUMER FINANCE Consumer finance CRÉDIT AGRICOLE LEASING & FACTORING Leasing & factoring CRÉDIT AGRICOLE PAYMENT SERVICES CRÉDIT AGRICOLE IMMOBILIER (REAL ESTATE) Global real estate operator INDOSUEZ WEALTH MANAGEMENT Wealth management CRÉDIT AGRICOLE ASSURANCES Life, health, borrower, group, property and casualty insurance AMUNDI Asset management 2022 data SPECIALISED BUSINESS-LINES CRÉDIT AGRICOLE CIB Corporate and investment banking CACEIS Institutional financial services IN FRANCE • 39 Regional Banks of Crédit Agricole • LCL • BforBank ABROAD • Crédit Agricole Italia • CA Bank Polska • CA Egypt • CA Ukraine OTHER SPECIALISED SUBSIDIAIRIES CA Group Infrastructure Platform, CA Capital Investment & Finance, IDIA Capital Investment, Uni-Médias INDIVIDUALS, FARMERS, SMALL BUSINESSES, LOCAL AUTHORITIES, INSTITUTIONS, CORPORATES 46 COUNTRIES 145,000 EMPLOYEES 53 M CUSTOMERS RETAIL BANKING / Customer-Focused Universal Banking / LARGE CUSTOMERS SPECIALISED FINANCIAL SERVICES PAYMENT SYSTEMS ASSET GATHERING AND INSURANCE

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CA Indosuez (Switzerland) SA Annual Report 2022 10 / Our Identity / 3,000 EMPLOYEES IN 10 REGIONS Indosuez Wealth Management is the global wealth management brand of the Crédit Agricole Group, ranked the world's tenth largest bank by balance sheet size*. Built on more than 145 years of experience supporting families and entrepreneurs around the world, the Indosuez Wealth Management group offers its clients, in 10 global regions, a tailored approach that enables each one to preserve and grow their wealth in close alignment with their goals. Its teams provide expert advice, exceptional service and a global vision for both private and professional wealth management. They also incorporate in their value proposition the ambition of supporting the transitions towards more sustainable development and a more responsible economy. 1858 Founding of Compagnie du Canal de Suez. 1875 Founding of Banque de l'Indochine. 1876 First Private Banking office opened in Switzerland (Crédit Lyonnais). 1920 First roots established in Luxembourg (founding of La Luxembourgeoise). 1922 Founding of Crédit Foncier Monaco. 1975 Founding of Banque Indosuez in France from the merger of Banque de l'Indochine and Banque de Suez et de l'Union des Mines. 1996 Banque Indosuez joins Crédit Agricole Group. 2016 Adoption of a single brand: Indosuez Wealth Management. 2017 Acquisition of CIC's private banking operations in Hong Kong SAR and Singapore. 2018 Crédit Agricole Private Banking Services becomes Azqore and partners with Capgemini to form the new global benchmark in the outsourcing of IT and banking transaction services. 2019 Finalisation of the merger between Banca Leonardo and Indosuez Wealth Management and adoption of a single brand in Italy: Indosuez Wealth Management. 2021 Societe Generale's Private Bank chooses Azqore for its information systems and back-office operations offer. *The Banker, July 2022 Europe Belgium Spain France Italy Luxembourg Monaco Switzerland Middle East United Arab Emirates Asia Pacific Hong Kong SAR Singapore New Caledonia

11 2022 RESULTS In 2022, the underlying net banking income of the Wealth Management business line amounted to €929 million, up +10.5% compared to 2021 (+7.1% at constant exchange rates), thanks to the strong sales momentum and increase in the interest margin, which offset the unfavourable market effects on the assets. Expenses excluding SRF were up +9.5% (+5.5% at constant exchange rates) to €771 million, mainly related to IT and digital investments, as well as variable remuneration. The scissor effect over 2022 was positive at +1.0 percentage point (+1.5 percentage points at constant exchange rates). Underlying gross operating income increased by 16.1% to €155 million. In all, net income Group share reached €113 million, up 9.5% in 2022 and its highest level in ten years. ASSETS UNDER MANAGEMENT With close to €130 billion in assets under management (at 31/12/2022), Indosuez Wealth Management is among the world's leading wealth management companies. Despite unfavourable market conditions in 2022, the Group posted record net inflows of €4.1 billion. Its solid results reflect the diversification of its activities, the relevance of its strategy and strong sales momentum. Indosuez's value proposition has been strengthened, particularly in the credit, real assets and responsible investment segments. It has supported a growing number of new clients, including ultra-high net worth individuals (UHNWIs). / Key figures / A LOCAL APPROACH AND INTERNATIONAL SUPPORT ASSETS UNDER MANAGEMENT €130 BN ASSET ALLOCATION A diversified asset allocation, reflecting our ambition to protect and grow our clients' wealth. 3.7% Other (including Private Equity) 3.9% Structured products 14.9% Life insurance 15.9% Bonds 14.7% Equities 23.9% Funds 23% Cash assets NBI (€ M) 0 200 400 600 800 1000 2020 819.7 2021 841.3 2022 929.4

CA Indosuez (Switzerland) SA Annual Report 2022 12 Olivier Chatain Head of Strategy, Legal and Transformation, CA Indosuez Isabelle Denoual Frizzole Head of Compliance, CA Indosuez Pascal Exertier Chief Executive Officer, Azqore Jacques Prost Chief Executive Officer CA Indosuez Charlotte de Chavagnac Head of Communications, CA Indosuez Mathieu Ferragut Chief Executive Officer, CFM Indosuez Wealth Anne-Laure Branellec Head of Human Resources, CA Indosuez Jean-Christophe Droguet* Head of Audit Inspection, CA Indosuez *permanent guest Bastien Charpentier Deputy Chief Executive Officer responsible for Operations, CA Indosuez Olivier Carcy Chief Executive Officer, CA Indosuez Wealth (Europe) Pierre Masclet Deputy Chief Executive Officer responsible for Business Development, CA Indosuez Andras Takacs Head of Risk and Permanent Control, CA Indosuez Olivier Przydrozny Head of Organisation and Information Systems, CA Indosuez Alexandre Ledouble Chief Financial Officer, CA Indosuez Marc-André Poirier CEO, CA Indosuez (Switzerland) SA Guillaume Rimaud Chief Executive Officer, France Business Unit, CA Indosuez Marie Delesalle Head of Client Service Officers, CA Indosuez / Management Committee / Romain Jérome Chief Digital Officer, CA Indosuez

13 / Awards received in 2022 / MONACO 6th consecutive year LUXEMBOURG 2nd consecutive year

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15 Message from the General Management of the Indosuez Wealth Management Group In 2022, in an environment with mixed visibility, marked by armed conflict at the doorstep of Europe and a sudden paradigm shift characterised by rising inflation and interest rates and the resulting high volatility of the markets, we achieved solid results, and which for some metrics have reached unparalleled levels. The strong growth in operating income and high level of net income illustrate the relevance of our strategy, enabling us to strengthen the resilience of our business model month after month. While consolidating its fundamentals, our Bank has also proven its usefulness to its clients and society and continued its transformation path. The talent, expertise and commitment of our employees as well as their ability to build together were once again demonstrated in the many restructuring projects that make up our business plan. Regarding the Customer Project, we recorded net new capital inflows, reflecting the continuing reinforcement of the appeal of our brand. Many UHNW clients have joined us and have deposited significant amounts of assets, having been attracted in particular by the depth of our offering and our quality of service. Our sales momentum was driven by the strengthening of our value proposition for real assets and our responsible offering, as well as the continued development of our financing activity. Significant ESG initiatives have been implemented as part of our Societal Project, including our first sustainable real estate financing in Monaco and the launch of an innovative investment solution with a responsible component the Indosuez Blue Cycle. In Spain, we also offered the country's first investment fund specialising in reforestation. On the ground, Indosuez employees once again demonstrated their commitment to a more sustainable environment and a more responsible and inclusive economy through skills sponsorship and several solidarity initiatives. Indosuez also reiterated the meaning of its commitments in favour of water, education, the circular economy and inclusion, which are implemented in its foundations, its sponsorship operations and its initiatives alongside partners such as La Fondation de la Mer, Plastic Odyssey and L'Institut Océanographique de Monaco. Concerning the Human Project, proactive action plans in favour of diversity, personal development and youth were continued with employees, many of whom expressed their satisfaction in the employee empowerment index (Indice de Mise en Responsabilité - IMR). To always better serve its clients, strengthen the commitment and performance of its teams and improve its efficiency, Indosuez pursued its two-stage managerial transformation plan — the first of which was completed at the end of 2022. The Group continued its digital transformation. Once again this year, this transformation helped to improve our clients' journeys with, for example, the launch of a new digital platform allowing them to access our investment universe independently. It is also reflected in our offering and our processes, as well as our operational efficiency. In 2023, we will rely on the current momentum to continue our development. New projects and achievements are already on the horizon in terms of the Customer, Societal and Human Projects, the continued roll-out of digital tools, the migration of financial institutions to Azqore, our operational efficiency and compliance system. Therefore, despite the many uncertainties that have affected the beginning of this year, our employees in Belgium, Dubai, Spain, France, Hong Kong, Italy, Luxembourg, Monaco, Singapore and Switzerland are mobilising their efforts more than ever to continue to progress and innovate — with the goal of always better serving our clients. Jacques Prost Chief Executive Officer CA Indosuez Pierre Fort Chairman CA Indosuez

CA Indosuez (Switzerland) SA Annual Report 2022 16 / Decrypt and clarify / This abrupt reversal in monetary policy had significant consequences for the financial markets, resulting in a sharp correction on the equity markets, which remain fundamentally sensitive to interest rates. Overall, the main asset classes (equities and bonds) corrected in unison, as did "safe haven" investments such as gold, reducing the appeal of diversification and offering investors few alternatives outside the money market and the dollar. This unexpected scenario also had a structural dimension, leading us to think that we are in fact witnessing a paradigm shift, thus sweeping away a number of certainties. Our energy dependence on Russia has highlighted the vulnerability of our industrial models. In addition, one of the ideas called into question is the concept of lasting peace in Europe, with a certain form of globalisation making way for a search for strategic autonomy. We are also thinking about the new model of capitalism in China, already launched in 2021, calling into question its status as the driver of the global economy. Then there is the idea, validated since autumn 2021, that inflation was temporary and that interest rates would remain at a low level for a long period. Delphine di Pizio Tiger Global Head of Asset Management at CA-Indosuez The year 2022 was marked by a both unexpected and unforeseeable geopolitical scenario. Nothing was there to warn us that the tensions brewing since the invasion of Crimea in 2014 would result in a major conflict at Europe's doorstep. This historical event fully disrupted the economic and financial landscape in 2022, exacerbating the inflationary pressure and the energy crisis already underway since the summer of 2021. The loss of confidence of European investors and consumers reinforced the recessionary trend, which negatively impacted economic activity. In the United States, the persistent inflationary pressure led the US Federal Reserve (Fed) to normalise its monetary policy by raising its key interest rates. With a rate hike of more than 400 basis points (bp) in less than a year, we witnessed the fastest monetary tightening since the 1970s. 2022 review and 2023 financial market outlook

17 "THE YEAR 2022 WAS MARKED BY A BOTH UNEXPECTED AND UNFORESEEABLE GEOPOLITICAL SCENARIO." The urgent response provided by the central banks and governments to counter inflation and the energy crisis created a new political-economic balance that is diametrically opposed to the one that had prevailed since the 2008 financial crisis: a restrictive monetary policy accompanied by an expansionary fiscal policy (particularly in Europe due to the energy crisis). This has led to high public deficits and the continued rise in debt-to-GDP ratios. The main danger in this new policy mix resides in the lower sustainability of public debt. In this difficult context, our companies have been a source of resilience, with earnings that continue to positively surprise and provide more solid-than-expected margins despite the fact that outlooks have been revised down. During this Chinese year of the Water Rabbit, a symbol of prosperity, peace, adaptation, wealth and luck, investors should not give in to pessimism. First, inflation is starting to show signs of slowing down, suggesting possible reversal of the Fed's policy at the end of 2023. Secondly, the macroeconomic data has not deteriorated as much as we could have feared, for example Germany's GDP growth came in positive for Q3, despite the energy problems. The key element remains China, which, despite some long-term indebtedness, is opening up with significant potential for domestic consumption in the short-term. In 2023, all of the above-mentioned factors could lead to a recovery of general activity and the equity markets. Corporate bonds now offer an attractive yield, which should further improve this year. Lastly, after a decade of supremacy of equities, this is probably the good news of this new environment: the return of yield.

CA Indosuez (Switzerland) SA Annual Report 2022 18 2022 highlights / Continuation and progress / ATTRACTIVENESS COMMITMENTS • Launch of an innovative investment solution with a solidarity component jointly built with Crédit Agricole CIB, Indosuez Blue Cycle, (€430,000 in donations to Plastic Odyssey, L'Institut Océanographique de Monaco and La Fondation de la Mer). • Launch of the 1st investment fund specialising in reforestation in Spain. • Renewal of the partnership between CFM Indosuez and L'Institut Océanographique de Monaco for 3 years. • Signing of 4 new partnerships by the Indosuez Foundation in Switzerland in support of environmental projects with a social and economic impact. • Support for the Fondation Hëllef fir d'Natur in Luxembourg to support the protection of living cultural heritage. • Partnership with the WILLA incubator to support its 100% digital JUMP acceleration programme aimed at supporting French-speaking entrepreneurs through an educational program. • Highest level of inflows in 10 years at €4.1 billion. • Launch of Buy & Hold bond funds. • 24 new UHNWI clients (Assets under management of over€100 million). • Creation of a real estate business line. • Acquisition with LCL and CA Immobilier de Brilhac, a company specialising in commercial real estate. • Wealth Management: 23,000 new mandates, i.e., nearly 200,000 in total. • Several awards received, including "Best Bank" in Monaco for the 6th year in a row and in Luxembourg for the 2nd year in a row. • Mobilisation of the teams for Indosuez's acquisition of a majority stake in Wealth Dynamix in 2023, a fintech that provides life-cycle management solutions for wealth management and asset management players worldwide.

19 TALENT RESPONSIBILITY MAJOR DATES INNOVATION • Launch of the Indice de Mise en Responsabilité (IMR) employee empowerment index, a tool for measuring the cultural and managerial transformation of the Crédit Agricole Group. • Continuation of the managerial transformation plan: 240 managers trained. • 32% women in Indosuez Group's governing bodies. • Welcoming more young people (tripling of recruitment on permanent contracts of VIE international interns, leading VIE employer in Switzerland, observation internships, etc.). • Set-up of a new mentoring program by members of the Management Committee for 14 female employees. • 1st sustainable real estate financing in Monaco. • Multiple initiatives aimed at helping reduce our carbon footprint by 30% between 2019 and 2025 and then 50% between 2019 and 2030. This means our energy consumption, our vehicle fleet and our business travel. • Integration of ESG ratings in client portfolio statements. • 100 years of CFM Indosuez. • 10 years of the Indosuez Foundation in Switzerland. • 20 years of the Private Equity business line (€7 billion in investments in more than 2,000 private companies in Western Europe, Asia and the United States – annualised rate of return > 12.9%). • Launch of a digital platform allowing Advisory clients to access Indosuez's investment universe. • First electronic signature issued at Indosuez in Luxembourg. • Roll-out of dual e-banking authentication via the mobile app in Luxembourg. • Launch of the Indigita application allowing employees to access cross-border risk management rules. • Training of 150 employees in the agile method. • Mobilisation of the teams for a successful migration of Societe Generale Private Banking in Switzerland to the Azqore technology platform (subsidiary specialising in the execution of information systems and processing of banking transactions for Wealth Management players) in January 2023.

CA Indosuez (Switzerland) SA Annual Report 2022 20 Support our clients in the sustainable transformation of the economy. Deploy an offer aligned with Crédit Agricole Group's net-zero commitment by 2050. Embody the Societal Project in the day-to-day lives of our employees so that everyone contributes to the change. To meet all our clients' needs in terms of real estate in an organised and systematic manner. Maintain our leadership in private equity. Develop our B2B offer. Increase the acquisition of "NextGen" customers. Continue the current sales momentum in order to meet all of our clients' needs. / Ambitions 2025: the essentials of the new medium-term plan / 2022 marked the launch of a new medium-term plan (MTP), called "Ambitions 2025", setting the Indosuez Group's targets for the next three years. Both ambitious and innovative, it is designed to enable Indosuez to respond to the fundamental trends of its market and the changes in its clients' needs. The aim is to continue and progress, to better serve customers thanks to the initiatives adopted based on six pillars: the Customer Project, the Societal Project, the Human Project, digital and Azqore, compliance and operational efficiency. SOCIETAL PROJECT CUSTOMER PROJECT

21 Amplify the transformation of our culture to encourage accountability, proximity and our performance regarding the service of our customers. Amplify our actions in favour of youth, gender equality and diversity. Develop our employees' skills through training, mobility and the management of transformation projects. HUMAN PROJECT Strengthen compliance in Indosuez's value chain in order to meet our clients' needs. COMPLIANCE SYSTEM Strengthen our efficiency and agility through simplified and shared processes. OPERATIONAL EFFICIENCY Encourage the autonomy of our customers and the adoption of tools by our employees. Consolidate Azqore's position as a benchmark player and provider of integrated, technological, digital and operational solutions for private banks. DIGITAL & TRANSFORMATION - AZQORE

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25 CA Indosuez (Switzerland) SA recorded operating income of CHF 65.3 million and net income of CHF 60.3 million in 2022. In business in Switzerland for 145 years, with 906 employees on average in 2022 and CHF 1,538 million in Tier 1 equity, CA Indosuez (Switzerland) SA is among the top 3 foreign banks in Switzerland. CA Indosuez (Switzerland) SA's two main business sectors at end-2022 were: • Wealth Management; • Transactional Commodity Finance and Commercial Banking. These are rounded out by coverage services for large corporations and financial institutions. This broad range of expertise allows us to serve a diversified client base and deliver consistent results, while facilitating substantial synergies between these business areas. Our company oversees all its activities from Switzerland, conducting them at four locations (Geneva, Lausanne, Lugano and Zurich), as well as internationally via a network of offices dedicated to Wealth Management in Asia (Hong Kong SAR and Singapore) and in the Middle East (Abu Dhabi and Dubai). This network of offices strengthens the Indosuez Wealth Management group's international coverage, promoting multi-booking for clients wishing to diversify the location of their assets. The combination of these strengths gives us a unique and ideal positioning amongst our clients, who are mainly entrepreneurs and families.

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27 Jean-Yves Hocher Chairman of the Board of Directors CA Indosuez (Switzerland) SA Jean-François Deroche Chief Executive Officer CA Indosuez (Switzerland) SA until 30 November 2022 Marc-André Poirier Chief Executive Officer CA Indosuez (Switzerland) SA from 1 December 2022 / Message from the General Management CA Indosuez (Switzerland) SA / 2020 was the year of the crisis, and 2021 that of the recovery. 2022 will remain, in the memory of many investors, the year of uncertainties. As from the first quarter, the Ukraine war abruptly entered the picture, fully disrupting the economic and financial landscape of 2022, by accentuating the energy crisis already underway since the summer of 2021, and causing a sharp acceleration in inflationary pressure, with the rise in interest rates as corollary. Against the backdrop of these unprecedented market conditions, our employees in the private banking and corporate and investment banking divisions mobilised their efforts to best protect our customers' assets in a medium and long-term view and support our corporate clients in a very volatile market. The resiliency of CA Indosuez (Switzerland) SA's business model helped offset the negative impact arising from this new paradigm. The bank ended the year in positive territory and posted an increase in net income. In order to better meet these major challenges, and in agreement with our shareholder and Board of Directors, CA Indosuez (Switzerland) SA's executive governance has evolved. It is now structured around a Management Committee made up of five people directly supervising the Bank's business lines and control and support functions, taking full charge of major strategic and operational decisions, under the supervision of our Board of Directors and our shareholder. The Executive Committee will continue to work with General Management by contributing to proposals, thought processes and specific work affecting the Bank's activities. Fully operational as from 2023, this new organisation should support the development strategy of the Bank, which is a platform for the Indosuez group outside the European Union and spearheads into the markets that will deliver the strongest growth in the years to come. It also strengthens the representation of Corporate and Investment Banking in order to implement the new ambition of CA CIB's business lines in Europe to develop their corporate clientèle, particularly by harnessing our International Trade & Transaction Banking platform. It therefore ensures proper management of the activities while leading our necessary transformation with a concern for excellence in prudential and regulatory matters. As part of our Societal Project, our CSR approach was further reinforced, adding momentum to sustainable development at CA Indosuez (Switzerland) SA. 2023 will enable us to reinforce the engagement themes with our clients for the energy transformation and launch a proactive and coordinated reduction in the carbon footprint. Benefiting from the support of one of the most solid banking groups in the world, the CA Indosuez (Switzerland) SA teams are well placed to successfully pursue the transformations initiated in recent years and achieve new future successes. The bank is embarking on a new chapter, with the launch of our new three-year "Ambitions 2025" plan, under the direction of Marc-André Poirier, the new Chief Executive Officer of CA Indosuez (Switzerland) SA from 1 December 2022.

CA Indosuez (Switzerland) SA Annual Report 2022 28 Wealth Management / Wealth Management / LAUNCH OF A NEW DIGITAL PLATFORM In order to respond in an even more relevant manner to our clients' concerns, we launched a new digital platform for advisory clients. The objective of this project is threefold: to facilitate access to our strategies and our investment universe, boost communication around our recommendations and consolidate the monitoring of our structured products. This tool, which is part of the more comprehensive project to digitise our offering and our processes, should also enable us to develop a better dialogue between clients, advisors and relationship managers. BETTER SYNERGIES WITHIN THE TEAMS Supporting our clients more efficiently also means improving our internal organisation and processes in line with their needs. This is why we decided this year to bring together the Advisory and Capital Markets teams. The idea is to expand access to the expertise, services and products of these two units, as well as provide clients with new synergies and a cross-asset view. In discretionary management, our operational efficiency also accelerated thanks to a significant streamlining effort. Almost three years after the start of the pandemic and central banks' ultra-accommodative policy to counter its effects, the global economy is now facing a new paradigm with the sudden resurgence of inflation and the subsequent rise in interest rates to curb it. It was in this uncertain market environment that 2022 came to a close, penalising not only risky assets such as equities but also bond investments. NAVIGATING IN AN ENVIRONMENT OF POSITIVE, EVEN HIGH INTEREST RATES This widespread increase in interest rates seems to be responding to a change that is no longer cyclical, but rather structural, with the start of a new economic era offering new investment opportunities. After having been out of favour over the past five years, fixed income investments are again sought after by investors looking for yield. In November, we successfully launched a fixed-maturity bond fund maturing in 2026. Generally speaking, assets with a positive correlation to inflation should perform well, such as commodities, infrastructure investments or income real estate. The other noteworthy factor is the renewed interest in structured products with guaranteed capital, which we have been developing within our Group for a long time now, which offer investors greater security in terms of asset protection. ENHANCED SUPPORT FOR CLIENTS In this uncertain environment, further complicated by the inflationary trend of our economies and the consequences of the Russia-Ukraine conflict, our teams have applied greater vigilance and special attention in supporting our clients. We strengthened our advisory activities to support them in their investment choices and facilitate their decision-making. Isabelle Jacob-Nebout, Head of Wealth Management CA Indosuez (Switzerland) SA

29 OUR EFFORTS GEARED TOWARDS OUR ULTRA HIGH NET WORTH INTERNATIONAL CLIENTS HAVE BEEN RECOGNISED BY OUR PEERS, AS WE WERE AWARDED BEST UHNWI OFFER BY PRIVATE BANKER INTERNATIONAL MAGAZINE IN 2022. SUITABILITY RULES WITH A POSITIVE IMPACT FOR CLIENTS Since 1 January 2022, the new Swiss Financial Services Act (FinSA) has been in force, with the aim to strengthen investor protection, product transparency and the obligations for services delivered. In this context, suitability checks ensure a better match between a client's expectations, their situation, their risk profile and their investment horizon. This also promotes more frequent exchanges between all parties, particularly in the case of advisory mandates. This regulatory progress, which is now fully integrated into our processes, is a real commercial asset. INCREASINGLY SUSTAINABLE GOALS Parallel with this new financial legislation, we note a new European requirement introduced in 2022 to which Switzerland will be subject in 2023, which addresses the need to assess clients' appetite for sustainable finance. Greater visibility will therefore be given to our range of green structured products developed by Crédit Agricole Corporate & Investment Bank (CACIB), as well as to the integration of environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria into the fund ratings of our partner Amundi. Our expanded open architecture fund offering will also benefit from these exchanges, particularly those that comply with Articles 8 and 9 of the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR) targeting sustainable and socially responsible investment objectives. In line with our sustainability objectives, in the medium term we plan to increase our clients' investments in ESG-integrated products fivefold. We will also continue to develop our responsible offering – whether in terms of products or financing – while seeking to align it with the Group's "net zero" commitments. As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy, we are currently carrying out a number of actions through our foundations, but also through the commitment of our employees with associations active on the field (Citizen Days). We seek to increase their visibility and continue to participate in flagship sustainable finance initiatives. For example, hackathons, thematic conferences and international summits such as the Building Bridges initiative organised by Sustainable Finance Geneva (SFG) and Swiss Sustainable Finance (SSF). We are proud to be a stakeholder in this type of event and to contribute along with other engaged players. A NEW MEDIUM-TERM STRATEGIC PLAN In terms of strategic direction, we will of course continue the efforts already started in the B2B and UHNWI client segments, which are well positioned in the Indosuez Group's medium-term strategic plan. Note that the acceleration observed in recent years of ultra-high net worth international clients is bearing fruit, as we are now the leader in this market amongst other foreign banks established in Switzerland. Our efforts in this area have been recognised by our peers, and we were awarded best UHNWI offer by Private Banker International magazine in 2022. This category of clients continues to find the depth of products and services they need for the protection, structuring and development of their wealth. The wide array of credit and financing opportunities that we can rely on thanks to the strength of our Group are also strengths that differentiate us from the competition.

CA Indosuez (Switzerland) SA Annual Report 2022 30 / Corporate and Investment Banking / The level of use of ITB credit lines as well as the commercial results thus proved very favourable for 2022 and well higher than in 2021 without any credit defaults, thanks to ongoing strong vigilance in terms of risk and close monitoring of our transactions and our direct and indirect counterparties. In the Mining, Metals, Agricultural Products and Energy departments, our sales teams focused on service and support provided to our major clients, while our origination and structuring teams successfully completed high value-added transactions: Borrowing Base, Revolving Credit facilities, back-up facilities, storage financing, etc. In synergy with the Corporate Coverage team, our Trade & Export Finance and Cash Management departments also successfully pursued their development, thanks notably to the reinforcement of their offer in receivables financing and automated payment solutions. With 2022 having ended on a better-than-expected commercial performance for all of our ITB activities, we are now looking to 2023 and the many challenges ahead of us. In the short term, the extent of the upcoming recession in the eurozone and the United States and its impact on global demand for commodities remain difficult to estimate. In an environment in which supply is still very fragile and subject to geopolitical uncertainties, our intention is to be even closer to our clients and monitor market movements more closely, in order to provide support during these periods of significant instability but also many opportunities. The energy transition towards a lower-carbon economy is now well underway, both strategically and structurally, and we aim to play an instrumental role in this. The advent of this economy will generate exponential growth in metal needs, which are essential for the production and storage of renewable energies, with a parallel slowdown and then gradual decline in the consumption of fossil fuels in the countries committed. Camille Sednaoui Head of ITB Switzerland A RECORD YEAR FOR INTERNATIONAL TRADE & TRANSACTION BANKING (ITB) After the halt of the global economy in 2020 and the intense disruption linked to the chaotic return of global production and supply chains in 2021, international trade experienced another particularly turbulent year in 2022 following Russia's invasion of Ukraine and the import restrictions and sanctions on counterparties, applied in a less harmonised manner between the United States, the European Union, the United Kingdom and Switzerland, making their implementation even more complex. This highly disrupted macroeconomic and geopolitical environment once again led to a surge in commodities prices, followed by high volatility, amplified by the underlying inflationary pressure on metals linked to the energy transition (copper, cobalt, Nickel) with a lag and historical fluctuations on some futures markets. More significantly than in 2020 and 2021, price volatility has created favourable business opportunities for the best-anchored international brokerage firms, which form the core of our clients. The international trading activity is a business with short-term flows that consists of meeting the commodities needs, by nature not very compressible, of the global economy and processing industries. Major market disruptions such as those experienced in recent years have reduced the ease of access to these commodities and their financing, highlighting the fundamental role of traders in supply chains. Thanks to their know-how and logistics assets, large brokerage firms, able to adapt to abrupt market changes and the closure of supply sources, again managed to supply the economy with the products essential to its functioning and to generate profit margins as a result.

31 THE ENERGY TRANSITION TOWARDS A LOWERCARBON ECONOMY IS NOW WELL UNDERWAY, AND WE AIM TO PLAY AN INSTRUMENTAL ROLE IN THIS. Frank Bervillé, Head of Coverage This transition will undoubtedly lead to the emergence of new routes and new supply flows as well as the extinction of others. No one knows the speed of this movement today, but it seems obvious that it will not be linear and gradual, but, on the contrary, most certainly abrupt and chaotic. We have therefore entered a long historical phase characterised by significant volatility, where the price equilibrium of each commodity, and more globally the equilibrium of international trade itself, will be more uncertain than ever before. Our clients, thanks to their ability to adapt, their organisation, their networks and their know-how, will undoubtedly be the first link and will be one of the key players in this transition. Our ambition and challenge in 2023 and in the years to come is therefore to continue to support them by offering them the most relevant and innovative financing solutions and products possible, especially in terms of ESG. We also need to continue our efforts in terms of deployment and technological investments, whether direct or indirect, in partnership with FinTech's, and we highlight our partnership with Komgo. I would like to thank our teammates for the tremendous work done in 2022, as well as our Management and our shareholder. COVERAGE OF LARGE CORPORATES The year 2022 saw a slight increase in activity with Swiss and international corporates (excluding commodity traders) compared to 2021. In a context of increased volatility and a rapid rise in interest rates, we supported our corporate clients in their projects in 2022 through significant syndicated financing transactions (with a growing share of transactions including ESG criteria), Trade Finance and working Capital Financing solutions (supply chain finance, securitisation). Conversely, the volume of bond issues decreased in 2022 given the higher cost of this type of financing, which led several companies to favour syndicated bank loans. Our Bank remained active across all sectors (TMT, Pharma, Chemicals, Capital Goods, Agrifood, etc.) and notably supported the electricity generation sector in Switzerland. Furthermore, our activity was buoyant with our clients in interest rate, currency and equity derivatives as they chose to strengthen their hedging strategies in a more volatile and uncertain market. In 2023, our bank hopes to work with its clients on new decarbonisation projects for industrial assets and on the structuring of bond issues or financing with ESG criteria. We will also be able to offer our clients a more comprehensive range of cash management and working capital optimisation solutions in 2023.

CA Indosuez (Switzerland) SA Annual Report 2022 32 / Corporate Governance / 1. GROUP STRUCTURE AND SHAREHOLDER BASE 1.1. GROUP STRUCTURE 1.1.1. Operational structure CA Indosuez (Switzerland) SA is a limited liability company (société anonyme) governed by Swiss Law, providing banking services for private banking, business and institutional clients in Switzerland and abroad. It exercises its activities in Switzerland and abroad - through its registered office, its subsidiary and its network of branches and one representative office. CA Indosuez (Switzerland) SA exercises management, coordination and supervision duties on its network. The general structure of CA Indosuez (Switzerland) SA is articulated around its corporate bodies and is organised into Business Lines, Support/Control Functions or group of such functions, the heads of which report to the Chief Executive Officer or to a responsible person reporting to him. They are all members of the Executive Committee and some of them are members of the General Management Committee. The corporate bodies include the Shareholders' Meeting, the Board of Directors and its Committees, the General Management Committee (and until November 30, 2022, the Executive Committee) and the General Inspection Committee. The subsidiaries, branches and the representative office are organised according to the Business Line corresponding to their area of activity. The structure of CA Indosuez (Switzerland) SA, designed to support the activities of these structures, includes the following active locations: CA Indosuez (Switzerland) SA and its entities are part of Crédit Agricole Group. The conduct of their businesses and the determination of their organisational structure are aligned, while observing applicable legal and regulatory obligations and the decisions taken by the Board of Directors of CA Indosuez (Switzerland) SA, with the strategy, policy, decisions and general authorisations, operating rules and best practices set by Crédit Agricole Group. 1.1.2. Scope of consolidation The scope of consolidation of CA Indosuez (Switzerland) SA consists of owned “active” companies for which ownership interest (direct or indirect) exceeds 50 %. As at December 31, 2022, the scope of consolidation included the following entity which is not listed: Company name: CA INDOSUEZ FINANZIARIA SA Head office: Lugano Share capital CHF 1 800 000 Ownership interest: 100 % As indicated in Note 4.2.1 to the annual financial statements, the Bank does not prepare consolidated financial statements, as its mother company, Crédit Agricole SA, publishes its consolidated accounts. In application of the CE n. 1606/2002 Regulation, the consolidated accounts of the mother company are prepared according to IAS/IFRS rules and the applicable IFRIC interpretations as adopted by European Union (the so called carve out version) by using certain exemptions in the application of the IAS 39 standard for macro hedging accounting. On the other hand, the subsidiaries of the Bank owned by more of 50% fall within the scope of consolidated regulatory and prudential supervision. Branches Lausanne Abu Dhabi CA Indosuez Finanziaria SA Lugano Suisse Lugano Zurich Singapore Hong Kong SAR DIFC 1 Subsidiary 2 Representative Office 3 Representatives 4 5 CA INDOSUEZ (SWITZERLAND) SA - HEAD OFFICE, GENEVA, SWITZERLAND 1. The DIFC Branch Office of CA Indosuez (Switzerland) SA is active since the 3 October 2022. 2. CA Indosuez Switzerland (Lebanon) SAL, as shareholder and at the General Meeting of its subsidiary CA Indosuez Switzerland (Lebanon) SAL, to cease its activities as of 1 December 2020. CA Indosuez Switzerland (Lebanon) SAL entered into voluntary liquidation in December 2021. 3. The Representative Office in Dubai ceased its activities on 3 October 2022. 4. CA Indosuez Wealth (Uruguay) Servicios of Representaciones S.A. ceased its activities, hence the local representation of CA Indosuez (Switzerland) SA, on 30 June 2022. 5. Credit Agricole Brazil S.A. no longer represents CA Indosuez (Switzerland) SA in Rio de Janeiro. Unless otherwise specified, the information included in this chapter refers to the situation as of December 31, 2022. São Paulo via Banco Crédit Agricole Brasil S.A., subsidiary of CA Indosuez

33 10th 1.2. MAIN SHAREHOLDERS CA Indosuez (Switzerland) SA is 100% owned by CA Indosuez, the parent company that unites the various wealth management entities of Crédit Agricole Group on the international level. CA Indosuez is 100% owned by Crédit Agricole Corporate and Investment Bank (“CACIB”), the arm of Crédit Agricole Group responsible for capital markets and corporate and investment banking. Crédit Agricole Corporate and Investment Bank is in turn owned 97.77% by Crédit Agricole SA (97.33% directly and 0.44% indirectly via its fully owned direct subsidiary), a mutualist and cooperative company that is owned by its cooperative shareholders and, for the portion of its capital available to the public, by its shareholders. Thirty-nine Regional Banks together own, via SAS Rue La Boétie, the majority of the share capital (56.76 %) and voting rights (57.11%) of Crédit Agricole SA, which is thus protected from takeover bids. The cooperative Regional Banks deliberate the Group’s major strategies within the Fédération Nationale du Crédit Agricole. The majority of the share capital of the 39 Regional Banks is held by 2,401 local banks. The share capital of the local banks, in turn, is owned by 11.5 million cooperative shareholders. Free float shares represent 43.24% of Crédit Agricole SA’s share capital. The Regional Banks together own, via SAS Rue La Boétie, the majority of the share capital of Crédit Agricole SA who coordinates, together with its subsidiaries dedicated to different business lines, the strategies of such business lines in France and abroad. There are no pending agreements whose future implementation could result in the takeover of CA Indosuez (Switzerland) SA by a third party outside the Crédit Agricole Group. 1.3. CROSS-HOLDINGS No cross-shareholding interest exceeds 5 % of the total voting rights or share capital of CA Indosuez (Switzerland) SA. 2. BOARD OF DIRECTORS 2.1. GENERAL INFORMATION The Board of Directors of CA Indosuez (Switzerland) SA consists of 10 members as of December 31, 2022, appointed at the General Shareholders’ Meeting. The General Shareholders’ Meeting decides, at least triennially, upon the composition of the Board of Directors. The members are appointed for a duration of three years maximum, renewable. Unless otherwise indicated, current directorship of the Board of Directors will expire at the end of the 2024 Ordinary General Meeting. Mr. Giovanni Barone resigned from the Board of Directors at the end of the June 24th 2022 meeting. The Board of Directors reiterates its thanks to him for his contribution and his commitment. One of the Vice-Chairmen is a Swiss resident. None of the members are of the operational management of the Bank. The majority of the members do not currently hold any directorships at Crédit Agricole Group companies and have not done so in the past two years, nor do they maintain close business relations with any of these companies. The composition of the Board of Directors and its committees reflects the governance framework of the Crédit Agricole Group, which, in the case of some subsidiaries, allows the participation of Chairmen or Chief Executive Officers of member companies. Board members are appointed based on their integrity and skills. These are assessed in the light of their background, knowledge and experience. The suitability of Board members is assessed on an individual and collective basis with a view to ensuring a diverse range of talents, complementary profiles and balance. As a whole, the Board of Directors must possess the necessary skills in their key areas of responsibility. Gender representation is also taken into account, as well as an age limit as a percentage of the number of members. The number of mandates or functions per Director is not limited but Directors are required to ensure that the resulting office leaves them sufficiently available. The composition requirements also respect the requirements established by law and FINMA directives. The Board of Directors has two specialised committees: the Audit and Risk Committee and the Compensation Committee. CRÉDIT AGRICOLE GROUP: LARGEST BANKING GROUP IN THE WORLD* *The Banker, July 2022

CA Indosuez (Switzerland) SA Annual Report 2022 34 JEAN-YVES HOCHER Chairman and member since June 29, 2017. Independent Director according to FINMA circular 2017/1. French national. PIERRE MASCLET Vice-Chairman since December 20, 2019. Chairman of the Compensation Committee since December 20, 2019. French national. 2.2. MEMBERS EDUCATION AND CAREER HISTORY: › Graduated from the Institut National AgronomiqueParis-Grignon and École Nationale du Génie Rural, des Eaux et des Forêts in France. › Mr. Hocher spent his early career working for the French government, serving in the Ministry of Agriculture from 1981 to 1984 and later joined the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance in 1986. › He joined Fédération Nationale du Crédit Agricole (FNCA) in 1989 as Head of Banking, becoming Chief Executive Officer in 1997. › He was appointed Chief Executive Officer of the Charente-Maritime Deux-Sèvres regional bank in 2001, then Head of the Crédit Agricole’s Insurance Division and Chief Executive Officer of Predica in 2006. In May 2008, Mr. Hocher became Head of Specialised Financial Services at the Crédit Agricole Group and, in October 2008, was appointed Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Crédit Agricole SA in charge of regional bank development, payment services and insurance. › He took up the following operating functions in 2010 until he retired in October 2018: - Chief Executive Officer of Crédit Agricole Corporate and Investment Bank SA - Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Crédit Agricole SA in charge of the Large Clients Division (Corporate and Investment Banking, Private Banking, Asset Management, Services for Corporates and Institutional Investors). NON-EXECUTIVE POSITIONS AT GROUP COMPANIES IN THE PAST THREE YEARS: › Member of the Board of Directors (since July 1, 2021) and Chairman of the Audit and Risk Committee (since July 15, 2021) of CA Indosuez. › Member of the Board of Directors, Chairman of CA Indosuez Wealth (Group) (until the end of June 2021). › Member of the Board of Directors, Vice-Chairman of Union de Banques Arabes et Françaises. OTHER ACTIVITIES AND INTEREST GROUPS SUBJECT TO PUBLICATION : None. EDUCATION AND CAREER HISTORY: › Graduated from École Supérieure de Commerce de Paris in Financial Management, MA in business law and a postgraduate degree in International Taxation. › After joining Banque Indosuez in France in 1992 as a Product and Engineering Manager, in 1995 he switched to the Front Office Team where he was tasked with developing and tracking a base of entrepreneurial private clients. Ten years later, he took the lead of the marketing, product, and engineering teams as well as leadership of the wealthy clients market at Crédit Agricole Regional Banks. He was then named Head of Clients in 2008. › He joined the Bank in June 2012 as Head of Markets and Investment Solutions, then served as Chief Executive Officer - Asia and Head of the Singapore Branch from January 2017 to June 2019. In July 2019, he took on operational management positions for the Groupe Indosuez Wealth Management. OPERATIONAL MANAGEMENT POSITIONS AT GROUP COMPANIES: › Deputy Chief Executive Officer of CA Indosuez, in charge of the commercial development and member of the General Management Committee of the Group Indosuez Wealth Management (since July 1, 2021). NON-EXECUTIVE POSITIONS AT GROUP COMPANIES IN THE PAST THREE YEARS: › President of the Board of Directors of CA Indosuez Wealth Asset Management) (since September 2019). › Member of Board of Directors of CFM Indosuez Wealth (since December 12, 2019). › Member of the Board of Directors of Crédit Agricole Capital Investissement et Finance (since November 26, 2019 until June 6, 2022). › Member of the Board of Directors of CPR Asset Management (since April , 2020). › President of Indosuez Gestion (since September 2022). › Member of SODICA (since September 2019 until June 2022). OTHER ACTIVITIES AND INTEREST GROUPS SUBJECT TO PUBLICATION: None.