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 Frequently asked questions

1. Is the plugin Flash ™ necessary to read the interactive publications?
Yes, Flash ™ (version 8 or above) is required: this is the appropriate plugin that provides interactive publications throughout their rationale. Flash ™ is read by over 95% of computers in the world, so, your publications are more widely accessible. For easier navigation and fluidity of the animations, we recommend at least 512MB of RAM.

2. Where is my EcoBook publication hosted?
There are two solutions for hosting your publication. Either it is hosted on EcoBook servers, or it is housed "at home". In the latter case, we provide you with the necessary files so you can integrate it into your site and so, carry out this task in respect of your own procedures and corporate standards as well as statistic processing.

3. Can I upgrade easily and quickly the contents of my publications?
Yes, absolutely. EcoBook ™ is a powerful and flexible solution, prepared in a spirit of anticipation and future technology. Updating your publication will be an easy task for our professionals, both graphically and technologically.

4. I have no graphics studio but I would like to create an interactive brochure, how to achieve it?
This is not a concern! Get it from our integrated graphic studio! A team of designers, whose job is to work specifically on brochures originally designed to be printed, will design and create your on line publication and will generate your PDF document.

5. Visually, are there differences between my paper and my edition processed through EcoBook?
Visually, there is no difference between your paper and your edition processed through EcoBook: it allows you to retain the aesthetic benefits of your media. But the added value offered by EcoBook is functional. With all the playback options you have, reading becomes extremely intelligent and practical.

6. Am I required to have a paper edition to publish a brochure EcoBook?
No. However, a PDF document is necessary. If you do not have any pdf document, our integrated studio can achieve its graphics creation, or simply put it into the correct format, if it already exists in another format.

7. What is the difference between a page EcoBook and a Web page?
The page processed by EcoBook benefits all the interactivity of a Web page but retains all the attributes of ideal arrangement of the traditional reading. Two additional benefits in the same solution, why not use it?

8. What is the difference between a page EcoBook and a Web page?
What is the difference between a page processed by EcoBook and a PDF page?
The page, treated by EcoBook ™ is not only more useful and friendly than PDF, but mostly it is equipped with powerful interactive feature.

9. If I want access to consultation statistics, will that mean that my publication needs to be hosted on EcoBook systems?
Yes, the tailored function “statistics” of EcoBook ™, for practical reasons, can only be activated if you choose to host your publication on our servers.

10. If I host my publication on your servers, can I keep a custom domain name?
Yes, if you choose to host your publication on EcoBook servers, you can decide if it should be consulted via a subdomain It’s up to you to choose your own custom domain.

11. Is the online publication about to replace the paper edition?
What we can say is that it is an alternative (or complementary option) very relevant to the paper edition; from the reader point of view (information in comfort) from the editor side (saving the cost of mailing ).

12. Are the interactive publications only consultable on the Web?
No, you can consult them on any computer equipped with the Flash ™ (version8.0): a local network, intranet, CD-ROMs or off-line.

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